coredaet | how

There is always a way to move forward; the impossible does not exist, it exists only in one’s mind. By provoking the right conversation, we get to the core and challenge you. What is it really all about? We offer new perspectives, with a clear, realistic approach which is always solution-oriented. In this way, we encourage movement and propel you towards the desired direction. We do this transparently, with full attention and together.

Through the power of cooperation, we connect people and organizations.

Coredaet has a rich variety of insights, experience and knowledge to draw from. Our talented junior consultants learn from experienced professionals and vice versa, as our seasoned members gain fresh perspectives. In this way, we formulate teams that specifically suit the customer’s requirements. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all solution. Each request is unique. By combining individual strengths to meet our client’s goals, we ensure a successful, customized approach.

So how does Coredaet work? By daring to be unique and by showing its cards. Explore, encourage and energize; these are the values which define us.


Together we take on the challenge and make the journey to the core.


Together we look from different perspectives and find inspiration.


Together we create movement; stimulating courage, curiosity and vigor.